Babytime by Episencial
Babytime by Episencial

Babytime by Episencial

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With Episencial, skin care is health care. One hundred percent of babies will experience dermatitis in their first year of life. Episencial combines advanced skin care technology with Actively Healthy™ ingredients including probiotics, neem oil and botanically-sourced essential fatty acids and antioxidants to enhance skin immunity and defend against daily environmental challenges from water, sun and air.

With industry-leading 70% and 95% organic formulas, the entire Episencial skin care system is safe for newborns and good for the planet.  Moving beyond the “green-washed” approach typical of natural products, we manufacture in the U.S. using solar power and recycled and sustainable packaging. Episencial products are available nationwide. 

Peaceful Bubbles

Soak up some comfort for the skin with this extra gentle, non-irritating and ultra soothing bath treatment! Peaceful Bubbles is packed with moisturizing extracts that calm and soften skin, while fruit extracts soothe and balance for ultimate skin health and immunity. Sugar-based foaming agents create bubbly fun while adding natural healing skin oils. pH-balanced to be safe, quick rinsing and eye safe. Safe and non-irritating for girls. 

Ages: timeless for all ages, 0 - 150 years  

Uses: all-in-one bubble bath + shampoo 

Benefits: calming, softening, soothing + pH balancing  

Safety: doctor recommended, won't irritate sensitive places 

Smells Like: calming lavender plum  

Feels Like: ultra rich, relaxing, hydrating, calming 

Ingredients: organic ginkgo + fruit extracts 

Net Weight  8 oz


Playful Wash

Enjoy an ultra-gentle all-over cleanse with this fresh, sudsy bath-time favorite. The Episencial 2-in-1 hair shampoo and body gel blends the natural cleansing properties of pure tangerine oil with calming and conditioning calendula and aloe for extra sensitive skin. pH-balanced to be eye-safe and quick-rinsing. Ages: timeless for all ages, 0 - 150 years  

  • Uses: 2-in-1 shampoo + body gel 

    Benefits: moisturizing, extra gentle + quick rinsing 

     Safety: #1 organic wash chosen by hospitals 

    Smells Like: a burst of bright, fresh orange  

    Feels Like: energizing, rejuvenating, creative Ingredients: organic calendula + moisturizing tangerine oil 

    Net Weight  8oz